The CNA certification

The certified nursing assistant certification is very valuable and is considered very important in the field of healthcare services. The CNA certification can be attained by passing the NNAAP exam which is designed for the CNA certification. The CNA certification consists of two parts. In the part one candidate is required to pass a written exam and in the second part, the candidates have to pass a practical section. For taking the CNA certification exam the candidates must attain a specific CNA training course.

The CNA training in Georgia

The training programs in Georgia work according to the authorities of the State of Georgia. A lot of CNA classes in Georgia are provided totally free of cost. The state actually supports the training programs to provide financial assistance to the interested candidate who wish to start a promising career in the CNA field. In the Georgia many EKG and the phlebotomy training courses are also offered to the candidates that also come under the CNA training programs. All the CNA’s in Georgia have to appear at the in-service training which comes once a year. This training is about 12 hours and helps the CNA’s to stay updated with the changing information.

Skills used in CNA classes in Georgia

The following skills are provided in the CNA classes in Georgia:

v  How to provide emergency medical aid to patients

v  How to communicate with patients

v  How to handle the practical situation

v  Communicationa and interpersonal skills

v  Basics of record keeping

v  Introduction to medicines and anatomy

Finding a job after completion of CNA certification in Georgia

The hospitals, nursing schools, clinics and medical centers prefer the certified nursing assistants for handling the healthcare services of their valuable patients. The average per hour salary of a CNA is recorded as $16.

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