List of famous Hospitals in US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and England The hospital cost in various countries like USA, Canada, New-Zealand and England is on the rise. Due to the advance met in technology new procedures, techniques and methods are introduced with passing time. The cures for various diseases have now been developed by the modern science but they are extremely expensive as they involve the use of modern gadgets and equipments. Many medical procedures and surgeries are not covered by the insurance companies and therefore, it has become very difficult for the people to pay for the ever-rising charges. Only the developed countries have the best health care facilities so people prefer for international treatments for their disease. European, Latin American, Asian, South American and African countries are visited more by the people looking for the treatment for their disease. The health care facilities and hospitals in such countries are delivered by the US based health care centers that also offer nursing classes.

Some of the good hospitals in Asian, Americana and European countries are: USA and Canada has a very good number of hospitals and clinics that are registered and approved by the government. Every region has 4-5 hospitals that provide the best treatment and cure to the people. You can learn about the major hospitals in your city on the internet. Some other hospitals in various parts of the world are:

1. Apollo Hospitals (India) – it is among the best hospital that is run and managed by the Apollo group. The hospital is located in the South India and is very well known for the best world care facilities at reasonable rates.

2. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China) – the hospital is located in the center of the capital city. The hospital is quiet renowned and popular for its cost effective health care facilities for acupuncture and other traditional cures.

3. De Ocampo Memorial Medical Center (Philippines) – it is the best state of the art medical hospital that is situated in the center of the capital city of Manila. The hospital provides superior health facilities at economical rates.

4. HSC Medical Center (Malaysia) – the hospital in Malaysia delivers best health care amenities to its patients particularly in the field of cardiac, orthopedic and sports medicine. The hospital has all the latest equipments and machines and some of the best health care professionals work here.

5. ALPI, Instituto de Rehabilitación “Marcelo Fitte” – the hospital is located in Buenos Aires and delivers health care facility to the injured and patients at reasonable costs.

6. Beneficenca Portuguesa Hospital, São Paulo – it is among the most popular hospitals in the country. the hospital is situated in the Sao Paulo city and is reputed for the surgical department where different kinds of surgeries are conducted. The hospital is also famous due to the high rate of organ transplants success. All the above listed hospital have suspiring records in delivering the best medical care to the patients and are quiet affordable as compared to the other hospitals that charge high for their medical treatments.

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