It seems that most medical assistants want to get the top medical assistant pay. However, the amount of the pay itself is dependent upon several variables like practice’s sizes, areas, the assistants’ skills, and many more. So, you may wonder how to get the highest pay possible. Well, the explanation below will be able to answer your curious. Let us start first by learning the median pay of medical assistants.

The Median Medical Assistant Pay

medical assistant payOne of all factors that determine the pay of medical assistants is area in which the assistants work. There are various amounts of salary based on the area, especially the state. In the United States, the median pay of a medical assistant is around 29,500 dollars per year. In other words, the assistant may earn around 14.2 dollars per hour. California offers high pay, where a medical assistant will get around 30,990 dollars per year. This will be different with those who work, for instance, in Alaska. Those who work in Alaska can expect more pay than those who work in California. In Alaska one can earn around 36,500 dollars per year. Meanwhile, Michigan offers the lowest pay in the United States which is only around 28,800 dollars per year.

The next variable to decide the amount of the pay is the practices’ sizes. These days many medical assistants have posts at physician offices. These assistants can earn around 14 dollars per hour or 29.200 dollars per year. However, the lowest pay goes to the ones who work at other kinds of medical treatment centers with pay around 12.5 dollars per hour. And those who work in hospitals get the highest pay which is around 14.9 dollars per hour.

Medical Assistant Pay Scale

As for the medical assistant pay scale of medical assistants in the United States, it is around 9 dollars to 12.2 dollars per hour. The amount of the pay will get higher if the assistants have some years of experience. For example, those who have work for more than one year to four years may expect to have around 10.2 dollars to 13.4 dollars per hour, which is considerably less that London escorts make.

On the whole, the median pay of medical assistants is around 14 dollars per hour. If we calculate it into yearly income, the amount becomes around 29,000 dollars per year. However, some receive higher pay than that. The lowest pay of medical assistants in this country is about 10 dollars per hour. Meanwhile, the highest is around 20 dollars per hour.

Yes, there are some variables to consider if you want to get the top medical assistant pay. The most important variable is location. So, if you want to get the top pay, you should find a post in metropolitan area.

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