Medical billing and coding are nothing but submitting claims to the medical insurance companies or to the Medicare, which is taken take by the government. This enables the doctors, hospitals and the healthcare providers to receive payment for their services to the patients. Mostly, medical biller works at the office building, billing department or clinic. He has to work for about 40 hours in a week. He can choose to work for five days or 10 days, but whatever is the case. He has to work for forty hours for a week.

EMT Training on the other hand allows you to become fully qualified medical professional that can actually also help people not just shift papers!

Some of the medical billers and coding specialist use computers to help them in organizing and reading charts and documents. This is why a medical biller is expected to have some computer knowledge. Often, you will be expected to work in a group, where each person is assigned a separate task. Some of these tasks include outpatient and inpatient surgery. Just because you have been trained only in a particular coding, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the other forms of coding. As talked earlier, this job can be very stressful because of the charts that are not clearly projected by the physician. You cannot do anything about this, since this is something that is expected to happen in this field. You can compare medical coding to a detective work. There are times you will have to work alone. If you are a person who constantly interacts with people, then this is not for you. The salary for medical billing and coding varies with the location of the healthcare centre. Continue reading to know more about the medical coding and billing salary. The salaries for people with EMT training are much lower though.

EMT Training & Med. Billing Training

While there are lots of schools that mainly concentrate on training individuals in this field to build their skills and help them work as a coding specialist, you can also find an institution that allows you get trained while you are still working. On-the-job training is something that is like by all. Since it helps you earn money and also get trained. This training is just for three months but to become a successful coder, you really got to understand, what you are doing. As a graduate from the accredited school, you can use the certificate to take up the examination with the National Health Career Association. After passing the examination, you will become a certified medical coder. As a certified medical biller and coder, it is easy for you to look out for a job. Furthermore, you can become one of those individuals to join the average medical coding and billing salary range.

Salaries for EMTs & Medical Billers

There is a huge demand for certified coding and billing specialists. The salary range is expected to rise with the demand in the society. With lots of new companies and facilities coming up, the pay scale for the medical biller is expected to rise. The salary for medical billing and coding depends upon geographic location, training, economy, experience, and physical job location. You can expect a salary for each year by evaluating all these above factors. The average salary is likely to be around $36,000 to $44,000 per year. A small percentage of professionals in this field except a salary of $31,000 in a year, while the rest of the group except a salary as high as 48,000 dollars per year Remember the salary range mentioned here is purely based on the variables stated above. It all depends on what you desire, and the training that you take up to achieve. You need to work harder to get promoted to the next level at work, and receive a good salary package.

With the increase of computerized patient records, there is an urgent need for skilled workers. Individuals with good software skills are in high demand. Jobs related to the healthcare field are expected to increase at a fast rate. This is information that is got from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries are billed at a range from 27,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars per annum. Moreover, a majority of the medical billers and coders earn a salary from $36,000 to $40,000. If your job is at a hospital located in a big city-like Chicago, you can receive a salary that is higher than most of the other areas. It has been noted that a medical coder earns about $15 to $20 per hour in Chicago, whereas the same coder gets a pay of $11 to $15 for an hour in Springfield. Furthermore, the number of years you have worked as a medical coder can determine your income. Usually, a new comer to this field earns about $14.73 per hour. After five years, your average income can become $19.33 for an hour. The pay increases to $21.75 per hour after ten years. Respectively, the pay starts to increase with the years.

The other important thing that affects the income of a coder is what they code. If you code for a neuropsychiatry, you will earn more. You will likely an amount of $62,000 per annum. In the case of coding for rheumatology, you can expect an income of $57,800 annually. The other specialties that pay code well are plastic surgery, nephrology and interventional radiology.

On the other hand, the pay may differ with your qualifications. If you are employed at a large organization like the hospitals, you can earn more when compared to work at a small private concern. Same with qualified EMT trained professionals.

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